Terms and Conditions

Sitana Purchase and Sales Terms and Conditions with the website sitana.pt, simply called Sitana, on the other hand, Sitana Customer qualified in the order purchase by Sitana Products or simply called by Customer.

Having in consideration that Sitana offers product and service as Web Development and Mobile applications, Web hosting solutions, always consider clients preference and needs while purchasing a product and services by Sitana. The purpose of this contract is to establish general sell conditions about the products and services by the customer.

1. Confidentiality: Sitana is responsible to preserve and make confidential all data and customer information provided of the purchase order.

2. Customer Service: Our Customer Service will support the client to solve any questions and give solutions, helping with eventually complaints about the client request and following order and service available.

3. Delivery Policy: The deadline of delivery of a product/ service will be given during the order submission, in working days. For this reason, all products delivered will be made Monda to Friday between 9 am to 7 pm. Exceptions can be done with the agreement of both parties Client and Sitana, therefore delivery may happen after hours, during weekends and Bank-holidays

4. Product and Service Changes: At the end of (product/service) the client still can ask for some changes and modifications, also request to change the payment method and delivery options, this request can be made through our customer service.

5. Payment: The payment can be made by Bank transfer, Paypal, ATM with product reference attached.

6. Failure to pay may lead to service suspension provision after 30 days (including weekends) after delivery of the service.

7. Cancellation Rights: The non-compliance by Sitana in providing a provision of customer service, the client has the right to request a cancellation, in case this will be verified and proven in the following conditions: the withdrawal period will start up to seven consecutive days from the purchase day of the product.

8. Refunds: The client has the right to request the refund through our Customer Service, in case of service cancelation over the terms described above. Also can have a partial refund agreement with some specificities of the service provided and an agreement between the client and Sitana, upon request.

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