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Netuno is a platform for software development in business as a Web-base application, working On-premises and in the Cloud. Netuno uses the latest technologies for Backend and Frontend, which also can be applied in the Administration area, Management, and for Industries.

As a flexible platform, Netuno allows the integration with a wide range of platforms, to improve and automate your business processes.

VEKS is a hosting management platform for your website. It allows you to view the resources available on your server, create e-mail accounts and corporate other forwarding addresses for your domain, or even make specific configurations in your Hosting management.

It is available through our packages of  Servers, Virtual Machines, and Cloud units.


Coming soon …

The application Cuidados provides relevant statistical data and accurate direction related to the pandemic evolution, also mapping COVID-19 cases, among others.

It allows you to automate the scheduling process, saving time and availability to focus on the most important tasks. More control, less stress, more organization, and more planning.

In a period that leads to a lack of information, we guarantee that all data processed are real and made available by secure sources.

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