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The digital solution for you

Sitana grew up, get to know our family

Customizable development solution

Server, virtual machine and hosting solution

IT team with more than 15 years of experience


Quickly create applications adapted to your business logic


Web REST Service Architecture Model


Low-code development, reduce costs and development time


Implement your applications in the cloud or locally


Applications available in many screen formats


Dedicated servers and virtual machines

We can offer the best solutions through our many server packages and personalized configuration


Unlimited traffic

Guaranteed 99.9% hardware and connection availability

All network is dimensioned redundantly by ring typology


Dedicated 1-Gbit/s switch port

Connections through the most important IXPs (Internet Exchange Point) from Europe, Asia and America

External connection to a very high-speed backbone up to 550 Gbit/s

  Data Center

Our European data center, datadock, is centrally located in Europe along the main fiber optic route

Most up-to-date, environmentally friendly equipment, combined with an innovative well-type cooling system


Daily backups and RAID Mirror disks

100GB Filesystem space for backups

Daily or weekly maintenance and analysis

Firewall and protection against attacks

   Our team

We are an IT team with more than 20 years of experience and know-how in most diverse technologies and programming tools.

Nowadays we operate in the most diverse activity sectors and we work daily to understand our client needs to transform your ideas in a successful digital product!


Big companies rely on our work

We always work to build solid and strategic relations with our clients

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